i talk about how much i hate soa but i still continue to reblog it…

just know im dead inside


Bobby & Jax - Poor Little Lambs.

i know there are a lot of issues with the character of venus in soa (how she was introduced, her backstory, the fact that she’s played by a cis man, how she only shows up when the club needs something) but honestly she is one of the only characters left that i even remotely care about and the only time i even really enjoy tig anymore is when he’s with her and it upsets me because she’s probably not going to be in it much more and if she is she risks being either a) written horribly or b) dying


"To be in someone’s mind. To have complete control. It’s like the thrill of being near the executioner’s switch. Knowing that at any moment, you could throw it, but knowing you never will… but you could, never isn’t the right word, because I could… and I might… I probably will.”

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